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More than half of employees across four Asia-Pacific markets are using their personal devices to perform work tasks while working from home, even as they believe these devices are not fully secure against advanced security threats.
Reserve Bank of Australia has said cheques are on their death bed. The only question surrounding the long-term decline of cash is whether recent cliff drops are temporary or permanent.
What goes through the mind of a normal Samsung Galaxy S7 consumer searching for a new phone on the Verizon website? Well, this. All of this.
Online petition urging the public to reject the use of wearable devices for COVID-19 contact tracing has garnered more than 17,500 signatures, as concerned Singapore residents highlight the potential deployment as too intrusive and a breach of their privacy.
With little fanfare, Lenovo refreshes the budget-friendly section of its Chromebook lineup with a pair of notebooks that promise basic specs and, in the case of the Flex 3i, a convertible design that's a little bigger than the IdeaPad Duet Chromebook.
The latest Agile survey finds efforts still crushed by organizational inertia; however, Agile efforts still shined through recent COVID-19 crisis. DevOps now a factor.
Ever since Microsoft's new browser emerged, it's made Google a little uncomfortable. So Google has created a new, slightly irritable message for those who log on to their Gmail accounts via Edge on a new device.
Apple has done a good job of making the iOS interface easy to use. But there's one hidden feature that take usability to the next level.
The new tools are meant to help the developers of password managers and Apple hopes the tools will reduce the instances where users chose their own password rather than rely on the password manager.
By embracing SAAS, the House that Photoshop Built tripled its reach and became a leading force in martech. But more companies are drawing a target on its back.

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