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StarHub again lost customers across pay TV and mobile, but increased its revenue in managed services and cybersecurity.
Searching publicly available information across the web has revealed some interesting insights about Facebook’s workforce.
South Korea's location-based services market will grow to 1.25 trillion won backed by big data analytics, the government has said.
Data61 is helping the state prepare for a road network that will be used by autonomous vehicles.
Huawei continues its dominance in its domestic market, with IDC reporting that it sold 5.7 million more smartphones in Q4 2018 year over year.
Optus said it is speaking with third-party vendors to look into how the issue happened.
After just two hours of debate, Australia's encryption law amendments are now stalled in the Senate until April. Only one key amendment was passed, but both government and opposition can claim a win.
It took seven weeks for Big Blue's AI to learn to speak 'council' and pick up the tone of social media posts.
Hackers tried to send funds to banks in the UK, the US, the Czech Republic, and Honk Kong. Transactions are being reverted.
Nvidia was able to temper market expectations last month with a downward revision of its Q4 earnings.

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